Dear Boston

Apr 16, 2013Breaking Newzzz

May Peace Prevail On Earth

Dear Boston,

Words cannot adequately describe how sad and sorry I am for your tremendous loss of life, loss of limbs, loss of innocence, and loss of freedom. What happened at the Boston Marathon finish line is unconscionable and shows us how cowardly these perpetrators are by not claiming responsibility. On the heels of Sandy Hook tragedy and the many senseless acts of violence that are happening daily throughout our “United States”, we are–or at least I am–beginning to feel helpless and really pissed. Serial gross baboons are making us feel so vulnerable and acts of kindness seem to be a thing of the past.

As the war in Congress rages on in support of the right to bear arms–hiding behind the Constitution to support their cause–we will continue to be helpless against crackpots who have “inalienable rights”. The fact remains that violence begets violence. One dastardly act triggers another and until we put our foot and stricter laws down condemning any kind of violent act then we will never revert to a simpler time. Hey, I’ll just settle for a safer time. If these Boston bombers opened fire with legally acquired guns instead of the shit they pulled, would these so called “lawmakers” still be singing the praises of Second Amendment Rights?

Being this upset about how violent our society has gotten is making me grasp at straws to make any point against any kind of violence. I am sick of it all. I am angry at our politicians and their due process. I am sad that innocent people are caught in the crossfire of a world where violence is the accepted norm and in some cases supported by their government. Most of all I am pissed that none of us are safe anymore to stroll along the street without wondering if we are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What else is there to say besides…

I Mean…What?!?

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