Chris Brown: Cyber Monday Bully

Nov 26, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Chris Brown in his better days.

UPDATE: Chris Brown was a Cyber Bully via Twitter to Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5) on this holy day of Cyber Monday. Yeah, so, he’s a douche bag. Now tell us something we don’t know about him. Stay safe Jenny.

MARCH 25, 2011

Anger management drop-out, Chris Brown, went on the TV show, 106 & Park on BET to waa waaa waaaa about being “blindsided and exploited” by Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. Look, Marlene, being asked a question or two regarding your actions, a.k.a. whooping Rihanna’s ass, is not being exploited. Children being trafficked for sex are exploited. You being mollycoddled and propped-up by a bunch of tired music executives goes under the heading of luxury problems. You are so arrogant, that you can’t even think or see straight. My suggestion? Dye your hair back to its dark  brown and take to being a full-time volunteer for any charity that will accept your overly sensitive, angry ass.

Here’s what I can’t imagine: Who would want to party with this clown later that evening after the GMA incident? How desperate are these people? I know, very.

7 responses to “Chris Brown: Cyber Monday Bully”

  1. B. says:

    hahaha, now I can't stop laughing! Thanks, I mean it!

  2. Gna says:

    This is really stupid, why dont people go bother Charlie Sheenn?!?!? O wait people praise him when he beats his wife, does drugs and acts crazy? wow this is really wat the world has come to just hating on Chris Brown. Just find something better to do no one wants to hear it. Get a damn life

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Clearly you have never read my pieces on Charlie Sheen. Do yourself a favor and read what I have written. He has won the Lifetime Achievement Gross Baboon of the Year Award and much worse than Chris Brown. But I must also say that Chris Brown is a douche bag. To let his temper get the better of him in public shows that he is just a dumb ass kid.

  3. Trebreh says:

    That's not funny trying to hold in my laugh ha ha ha so sorry lmafo

  4. breezy says:

    chris brown wat did you do i love you so much im your number one fan from the start when you first came out i fell in love with you

  5. Anonymous says:

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