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Debrahlee Lorenzana is filing a lawsuit against Citibank because they fired her, she says, for the strangest reason: she's too hot.

Have you been following this story in the news about Debrahlee Lorenzana, the curvy Citibank employee that claims she was fired for being to hot? How genius is this? I am sure that within minutes we will see Gloria Allred at her side, standing up for truth, justice and fifty-percent of the take in the lawsuit she has filed. She was told “she must refrain from wearing certain items of clothing, in particular, turtleneck tops, pencil skirts, fitted business suits, or other properly tailored clothing,” the suit says. “In blatantly discriminatory fashion, plaintiff was advised that as a result of the shape of her figure, such clothes were purportedly ‘too distracting’ for her male colleagues and supervisors to bear.” Now, if you don’t think this chick is about to take this moment and do what any red-blooded American would do and use it to establish a media career, think again. Read this piece on Illicit Sex as a reminder.

Debrahlee shows a little to much nipple here, proving that her tits might be too big to fail.

Let’s make a bet: Before this thing is over, Playboy will come a calling for Ms. Lorenzana to do a spread…not a cover…or centerfold…unless they discover that she is the reason that Citibank needed some of that TARP money to wine and dine the lovely lady. Look, I am sure she is innocent of being anything but pretty. But let’s leave this chapter open for the unexpected.

This photo of Debrahlee by Carrie Schechter will be used as evident in the case against the Hottie versus the Notties.

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3 responses to “Citi-Skank”

  1. kodimirpal says:

    The firing of Lorenzana by the citibank shows the double standard of the West. This has been the crux of arguments by the religious minorities living in the west. Now the truth comes out in the case of Lorenza. Why not allow her to show off her revealing bosom if she wanted to. why restrict her on dresses. Why not she be provocative.

    A Muslim woman who wants to cover more will ask similar questions. Why not I cover as much as I wish to. why can not I be less provocative and less sexy? If the western countries are true to what they say about the fundamental rights, why interfere with the fundamental rights of Lorenza.In the same breathe why interfere with the fundamental rights of the Muslim women. It is sheer hypocrisy, bias, pretentious culture and open double standard. Even in the liberal West, it is an offence for women to go half naked. There are restrictions on dress even in Europe, is the contention of Muslims. The difference is only in degree when it comes to modesty.

    Absolute freedom is non-existent in any culture. Being social animals, men and women have animal magnetism and sex appeal. One can never deny the fact that when a young man looking at a woman revealing a major part of her firm, round, shapely and bulging breasts gets sexually excited and would have train of quite often lewd thoughts in his mind. Hence religious laws on dress code. The West judges one set of rules as barbaric simply because OF ALIEN CULTURE BASE and another set as liberation

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