The AmFAR From Best Dressed List (NYC)

Jun 4, 2010Fashion

Just recently I did a think on the AmFAR From Best Dressed List at Cannes Film Festival. Well, far be it for New York City to be outdone, AmFAR held its Inspiration Gala last night a there were a few must-mention fashion moments that I wanted to share with you. Herewith, the AmFar From Best Dressed List continues.

This commitment must be exhausting. Thom Brown's New Look might look better with kitten heals, or pumps. (Click this image for more TB.)

I love me some Cyndi Lauper...fresh cheeks and all. The skirt needed to be one inch longer. Sex and the City is ovah.

Tinsley Mortimer was torn between two dresses...they both won. (Click this image for more TM.)

Look, up in the's a's a's...

It's...Bat Hag.

What on Earth is Amanda Setton wearing. After all that Gossip Girl and this was her take away?

Obsessed with Kylie (see today's Kernels below), but this dress it too Mariah for my liking.

There's a new Mizrahi in town...and the slippies show that he is more of a Manzie than a Mizrahi.

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