Emily Blunt For YSL Opium?

Sep 22, 2011Breaking Newzzz

The Opium ads have always been exotic.

What kind of counter-casting is this? Emily Blunt, who granted is a fine actress, and pretty for sure, but the new face of Opium fragrance? Really? Would Yves Saint Laurent have selected her? That’s like Kim Kardashian replacing Madge for Palmolive soap. It is just not a fit. This sounds like a case of, “Help, we need a celebrity to sell this product!”

Can Patrick Demarchelier make Emily into a siren?

The ads will have Emily laying on a leopard or something like that, but to put it bluntly, she is a bit to freshly-faced to pull it off. As the ex of Michael Bubble and the current Mrs. John Krasinski from The Office, it feels like YSL is trying to play it safe. Either way, we are looking forward to see what Patrick Demarchelier does with this. Though you can not convince me that she will top Linda Evangelista or this druggie chick in the commercial (below).

Now this is an ad.


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  1. _X says:

    totally agree! what the hell is going on here? O_o emily blunt, way too overdressed in a.. boastful YSL advertise with a trained leopard (poor creature) scabrous running into a door, sluing on the floor? no way.

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