Escape From New York

May 23, 2010Breaking Newzzz

This lovely couple are sharing the moment of their lives. But what if....

I never really read them, but today I was drawn to the Vows section of The New York Times Style as the main picture is a couple standing in from of the Statue of Liberty. At second glance, I saw that the couple standing in front of the Statue of Liberty was interracial. Boy, what a slap in the face to Tea Baggers everywhere. Naturally I clicked in for more details. Besides this wonderfully diverse storyline, each of the couples featured this week are entirely nontraditional. Kudos to The Times Style for making a statement in their otherwise traditional Muffy Anderson and Luke Steingarten nuptials section, by featuring multi-cultural, mulit-racial, semi-not-young, just about all the couplings one would never expect to see in The Times Style. (Yes, they do throw in their occasional gay couple, whatever.) Perhaps the world is changing and these unions are now commonplace, but when I see how reactionary our political landscape is becoming, and the scary increase in racist sentiments, I wonder how is it that we live in such a separatist society.

What will become of New York and Los Angeles when the evil doers—who are no longer the terrorists, but the hyper conservatives living amongst us and multiplying like bunnies—take control of our government? Will us free-spirited liberals becoming the modern day Jews of 1930’s Europe, rounded up and kept sequestered on the island of Manhattan? Did you ever see the movie Escape From New York? Imagine if all these right wing nut-bags turned New York City into a jail for free-thinking liberals. All of Hollywood would be bussed in from the west coast, trailer loads of folks from Chicago and Detroit, much of Vermont, and all the old folks from Florida would have to return to where they had retired from. It would be a living hell. Now this is a science-fiction horror film. John Carpenter has nothing on me. All of New York City would become a ghetto, think pogroms meets concentration camps.

This could be us...

OK, I got sidetracked. But you get my point. Love takes hold in many shapes and colors, so who is anyone to deny the right to love….or judge it for that matter. Love’s labor must not be lost and no one should dare say boo to those who finds their mates. The scenario I would rather see than the Escape From New York one is: we round up all the nay-sayers, hypocrites, Tea Baggers and those who don’t even know what they are talking about and plop them on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Being such windbags, they can clean up the oil spill with all the collective hot air that they spew.

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