The Socializing of Social Media

May 25, 2010Breaking Newzzz

This is the general feeling in the room at the Hyper Island Digital Master Class.

I am sequestered in a three-day digital Master Class called Hyper Island, where all day long we discuss every piece of digital minutia that there is to know about. Or better yet…what we WANT to know about. It seems like the digital universe if chock full of people like me trying their hand at grasping at straws. Sure, there are technical skills required to becoming a programmer, you know, those people who are really great at holding you hostage like terrorists. Well, it’s true. It is as though you give your first born up ever time you ask your programmer to fix something or update a widget, then just hold your breath. I know I am not alone. This Master Class however deals with the conceptual marketing of the digital landscape and social media as opposed to actual programming. This room is filled with big thinkers and chickens rather than nerds. Come on…who isn’t intimidated by the vastness of the internet. So, big deal you are on Facebook and have been Twittering. So are a bunch of Republicans. You think the job is done? Think again.The lot of us are pretty much locked in a room all day, like E.S.T. and forced to deal with things that are foreign to us. We are learning about the core principals, what works, what doesn’t and most importantly, retraining the mind to think in a greater context. Sound like hooey? Stay tuned to the final report.

My sentiments exactly.

Sidebar: Women’s Wear Daily has been doing a weekly column called Social Studies which reports on which fashion brand is doing what in their social media network. It is actually a great, welcome addition to the publication, because if supports the initiative of doing. Though I am totally jealous of Teen Vogue‘s 200,000 followers. The bottom line with social media is that we learn by doing. And that, my kiddies, is the bottom line.

See all this? And if you think I am going to figure the whole thing out...boy do I have some land left in the Poconos to sell you.

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