The AmFAR From Best Dresed List

I Mean..What?!? loves a good best dressed list…but there’s nothing like the exact opposite to warm the cockles of  our heart. That and Suzy Menkes. Of all the film festivals…and there are millions these days because all you need is a Chamber of Commerce and ta-da…but I digress…the Cannes Film Festival is the one where fashion really matters most. Sure the films are important too, but there’s no red carpet other than the Oscars that commands such drama. Sorry Emmys and Golden Globes…get over yourselves. Anyhoo, I could not help noticing a few fashion faux pas from the AmFAR Benefit…probably because I am not blind…so I wanted to share my AmFar From Best Dressed List with you.

Sorry L'Wren, but you normally do great clean lines. This shoulder thingie reminds me of...

D Squared homage to Bird Bird.

Oh, goodness Grace-cious, Miss Jones.

This number that Kirsten Dunst is wearing reminds me of those ridiculous cockadoodle lesbian haircuts where one side is long and the other is buzzed short.

Jennifer Lopez is beautiful, but she's been sporting a lot of ruffles and poofy things all week. Sleek girl...sleek. Call Calvin Klein cause that prom thing is ovah.

By no means is Diane Kruger horrine, but she looked so amazing at the CFDA Awards that this to me pales in comparison. I must be Chanel Couture...yada yada.

Hmmm...I don't know. Kind of reminds me of a fortune tellers rooms decor. See what I mean. When they come from behind that fringed room divider for effect.

Elizabeth...don't be Banks-in on being of the Best Dress List, girl. Au contraire.

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