Demand Marilyn Davenport’s Resignation

Newest winner of Gross Baboon of the Year Award, Marilyn Davenport.

Where is the outrage? We all know by now how horrendous the Tea Party is with all their racist Tea Bagging shenanigans. But now, things are really spiraling out of control. Where in hell is this Marilyn Davenport, the Orange County Republican Central Committee slash Tea Partyer woman who sent out a mass email depicting Barack Obama as a chimpanzee? What infuriates me is that every news outlet posted the offensive, inappropriate image but no one has posted a picture of the culprit, Marilyn Davenport. We at I Mean..What?!? refused to post that image as we consider ourselves somewhat tactful sometimes. But shame on the news media to not track down a picture of her, isn’t that your job? We had been Googling our tits off and finally, Johnna Escobedo in my office tracked her image down in the OC Weekly of all places. The world needs to know what this woman looks like. Marilyn Davenport must be publicly ostracized and flogged, quite frankly. For the general media to not do their due diligence and plaster her face on the front pages of every website and newspaper is no different than when the Washington Press Corps sat idly by while George Bush dragged our country into the wrong war and never raised one hand to question him. Let’s play Pin The Tail On The Donkey…I mean…elephant. Hey, Donald Trump, maybe you should make this woman your running mate? Surely Marilyn Davenport has received congratulatory phone calls from Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.

Photograph by R. Scott Moxley

Call or email and demand that this wicked old witch resign.

6 responses to “Demand Marilyn Davenport’s Resignation”

  1. Carpenter says:

    this has got to be the STUPIDEST thing I have ever seen…

    The crime is against the Monkeys!
    They did nothing to deserve this

  2. Stella says:

    Thank You!! I am even more offended that the only image associated with this horrendous story is the offensive caricature, and no picture of the narrow minded (to be polite) woman who sent this image around!! This womans face needs to be on the evening news, not the insulting image!!

  3. bob says:

    I think Obama should resign for giving Chimpanzees a bad name. How dare the liberal left complain about this joke. I see much much worst when it came to GW Bush. And by the way with Mr. Obama's ears all he would have to do is hold a magic feather and he could fly.

  4. Judy Kennedy says:

    In any other setting, a person who promulgated this racist and offensive email would be fired. Therefore, Marilyn Davenport should be fired immediately and should forfeit at least some of her salary and/or retirement benefits for this supposed representative of her district. Public humiliation doesn't work quite as well as monetary compensation for misconduct such as this.

  5. wyatt says:

    Hey bob, how dare you breath the same air I do. The liberal jokes were an insult on W's intelligence, it wasn't associated with a history of slavery, degradation, racism, killings, hangings, etc like the President Obama picture from davenport was. Congratulations, bob, you're a racist.

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