Facing The Face Of Facebook

Apr 20, 2011Breaking Newzzz

The next election will be a Facebook landslide....Obama wins.

The film, The Social Network has forced Mark Zuckerberg to come out of the shadows, rather, his computer screen. Since then, it seems that Facebook, which I used to like, has evolved quickly into a mass marketing machine. I am accosted with invitations to utter nonsense making my email inbox seem like a spam free zone, which it is not. Gone are the good old days when long-lost eighth grade classmates would stalk me now that that they see I am no longer a fatso however they are. We see Mark Zuckerberg everywhere: Dinners, power meetings with President Obama or Kanye West, The Barbara Walters Special, 60 Minutes, The Real Housewives of Silicon Valley, well, stay tuned for that but you get my drift.

Hats off to Zuckerberg for changing the landscape of social media, but now it feels more like strangers are tweaking my viral nipples to attend their fundraiser or solo art show, a.k.a. things that I will never attend. Since Mark has decided to sell out, Facebook is evolving into a viral version of automated telephone solicitations. Facebook was instrumental at creating a sense of community, but now it is becoming a 24-hour advertising spam-athon. There are even websites and marketing classes that teach us how to promote our products via Facebook. Since Zuckerberg is committed to giving away a large percentage of his money, maybe has he gotten buyers or sellers remorse and wants to bundle up more billions in true Donald Trump fashion? We have all become Social Media Climbers and there is nothing fierce about that. There is no intrinsic value to being barraged with offers and discounts. It is beyond contrary to a spiritual path and personal growth. Sure, I hope Obama and Zuckerberg craft the best possible platform to help secure his 2012 win for a second term. But outside of that, please take your invitation to the Hot Rod & Frequency Hookup and shove it.

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