Forgiveness Is Key

Dec 20, 2009Breaking Newzzz
Here you go Tiger. It's fast actiing.

“To err is human; to forgive is divine”Alexander Pope.

The funny thing about our hypocritical society is that we are so quick to judge and so reluctant to forgive. The United States was created by a bunch of uptight religious zealots, Puritans, and their values are still immersed in our culture. No matter how modern we get, like Tiger(s), we do not change our stripes. As much as I am trying to ignore the Tiger Woods saga, it is impossible for me not to chime in every once in a while, especially when I see the Puritans having a field day. And boy, are they rearing their bonnet-clad heads everywhere you turn, from the Tag Heuer offices to the front pages of most newspapers. Today’s New York Post has an article, Can We Forgive Tiger Woods? The answer in essence is…not without making him squirm. American’s love making their heroes suffer. It’s part of the psychotic need for Hero-Worship, which I have never succumb to, except of course in the case of Bette Davis, who never let me down. Let’s look at Hero-Worship for a minute, as an extension of our need to believe in God. Now, God and Hero are two different animals. God connects to your spirit and Hero connects to your mind. To make a hero of an athlete or a celebrity is an exercise in mental masturbation. These people don’t owe you anything, and for you to expect them to live up to your expectations, well, set yourself up for disappointment much? Sure, appreciate their talents, follow their careers, heck, be their Facebook fan. I don’t care. But don’t make their indiscretions in some convoluted way about you. Tiger did not cheat on you, therefore you have no business punishing him. And who needs a Tag Heuer watch anyway? Oh, I know, The Golf Channel. (Who watches that thing besides Tiger and other assorted golf pros?) So, all you hero-worshipers, get a friggen life. I mean…really, it is the extension of Anatomy of  a Lindsay Lohan Hater all over again.

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  1. priya says:

    I agree, one should forgive and forget..I remember when I forgave my boy friend when he cheated on me :( but the pain will never die..


  2. Definitely love google, great stuff. Have a great day.

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