Goin’ To Canz-a-Citi, Canz-a-Citi Here I Come

Oct 20, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Are these the new Hooters?

Just when you thought things could not get any more downmarket comes news of an upstart eatery chain hell bent on taking down that boob emporium Hooters. I wish I was kidding. Presenting Canz-a-Citi Roadhouse, where culinary delights and standards are nowhere to be found. Let’s start by checking out the waitress staff. These tasteful uniforms suggest broads that you would otherwise find hanging out in the bleachers at a NASCAR race. As a fervent supporter of women’s rights, I don’t think you need me to chime in on whether or not Canz-a-Citi Roadhouse makes women objects of desire, since the food surely won’t be. A visit to their website gives you a full sense of what to expect at Canz-a-Citi Roadhouse. The CR calendar will not compromise the sales of Pirelli Tire calendars, but I get you a bucket of wings that you will find a few gas stations on the New Jersey Turnpike that will proudly display them in the johns.


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