I Mean What Dips Inside The Tea Party

May 18, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Every cause has a rag.

It is not often that I interview a member of the Tea Party. Mostly because I would sooner watch paint dry than listen to a rambling, neo-conservative ranting about things that I firmly disagree with. Their system of politics is infuriating. The Tea Party does not want our government to spend money that we do not have, and surely that is unarguable. However their methods of communication are often reprehensible. Their flash mob mentality coupled with ridiculous hats defuses their message, and when they plaster their social conservative ideology on hateful signs, well, they lose me and gain some toothless sicko. They incite, without insight. They pontificate, rather than mediate. They demonstrate, rather than permeate. They speak with such anger and rage that their message gets lost, making the great divide insurmountably wide. And if you really believe half the crap they spew, then boy, have I got some land in the Poconos to sell you.

One really good reason not to be a Tea Party member...they have NO style.

Recently, I was invited to peek inside the mind of a key player behind the Tea Party movement who has been involved since 2009. This guy’s publicist contacted me, probably a generic pitch to a massive media list, and the opportunity to get inside the gates of hell was intriguing. I was hoping to have a frank conversation with someone that I would otherwise NEVER encounter. My initial goal was to expose him and the Tea Party for the right-wing zealots they are, but in the process, was surprisingly able to find some common ground and have a peaceful chat about politics, philosophy and Studio 54.

For two days I interviewed him and starting next week will feature a two-part series on my eye-opening discussion. Until then, please click here to find out how you can volunteer for the Obama 2012 Campaign.

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