Jane Svoboda: Craziest Bitch On Earth

May 13, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Jane Svoboda is the craziest bitch on Earth... including Sarah and Brsitol Palin.

This crazy bitch, Jane Svoboda, a known schizophrenic went on an anti-gay rant in Lincoln, Nebraska at a non-discrimination ordinance proposal hearing. It is very simple, watch this video and somebody put her out of her misery. And when I say put her out of her misery, I mean lock her up in an inane asylum and throw away the key. She does not even deserve to be honired with the Gross baboon Of the Year nomination because as per reports, she really is crazy. So why is she allowed to roam the streets freely?


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8 Responses to “Jane Svoboda: Craziest Bitch On Earth”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is she allowed to roam the streets freely? What are you, a nazi? Should all mentally ill people be locked up in an insane asylum just because the way they express themselves or their opinions are so different than yours? Obviously her rant was a testament to her mental illness, but she's not a criminal, she's not violent…she has just as much of a right to get up on a podium and say whatever she wants to say as you do, standing here behind your facade of free internet speech.

  2. Seth Svoboda says:

    You are disgusting. To be aware of a woman's mental illness and to still feel it necessary to ridicule her, you are scum. You are entitled to your opinion, but any self respecting human being would never say such terrible things.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      this is someone that is dangerous. and for you to think otherwise is shocking.

      • Zed says:

        Dangerous in what way? Because she says things that nobody believes anyway? Or because having a mental illness makes you automatically dangerous?

        From what I've heard about this woman, I've heard nothing that makes her sound dangerous in the least.

        • Abe Gurko says:

          Anyone spewing venomous hatred and crazy nonsense can possibly impact other people. If almost a million people have seen her rant on YouTube, there is no telling the residual effects. Look, we are all entitled to our opinions and mine is set in stone. This kind of rhetoric is dangerous. Crazy or otherwise. And supporters of crazy talk is a bit scary, too. Now you go and have a nice day.

          • Stephen says:

            Abe, you're right that "venomous hatred and crazy nonsense can possibly impact other people." That's happened since communication between beings began. But the thing you seem to have forgotten or discarded is that we live in a free society. And your comments imply that you, Abe Gurko, are the guy who decides what or who is dangerous. You don't get to decide that, Abe. The right to freedom of expression is recognized as a human right, internationally. If you're uncomfortable with that … tough.

          • Abe Gurko says:

            Sadly, I don’t get to decide any of this. And neither do you. The real unfortunate thing here though, is that this crazy ridiculous venom-spewing cow gets to have her message of lunacy and hatred heard by hundreds of thousands of people. One of whom, might be even crazier and more venomous than her and who might take an action that could cause physical harm to someone. So, do me a favor and don’t respond because based on the aforementioned, Jane’s inalienable rights to appear in a court of law and vomit evil-spirited nonsense is not what the founding fathers really had in mind. Then again, you probably the opposite, which is why I don’t need to hear your retort. Peace, man.

  3. Adam Seefeld says:

    Evil spirited? Dangerous? She's asking people to not be gay based on gibberish. I don't think anyone, including the lgbtg community is threatened, or takes her seriously. Should we arrest a four year old child for yelling " all gays smell like fabric softener and have babies out of their butts" find a better cause. Like the fact due process and private property are nonexistent in America.

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