Jersey Schnorr

Mar 21, 2012Breaking Newzzz

The good old days, before they were certifiably insane.

One is pregnant, one is off to rehab, one is freelancing with Britney Spears, one went home to recover from depression, one needs to shut up. Can we just say that MTV’s Jersey Shore is over? So what, Season Six will be filmed at Dr. Drew Pinksy’s Celebrity Rehab with The Situation who discovers that this is a bad situation? Will Snooki be fist-bumping with Giuseppe at Lamaze Classes, or whatever her fiance’s name is? Will JWoww and DJ Pauly go to a singles dance to find new friends? Will Ronnie and Sammi tie the knot, only to find out that they are long-lost brother and sister? Will that little poorly-dressed Meatball stay shut up?

Yes, Season One of the Jersey Shore was hilarious… a novelty… like watching a train wreck times six. We got to meet people that you otherwise snickered at or ignored once they crossed a bridge or a tunnel. But now, years later after hundreds of corrective surgeries, the cast of Jersey Shore makes the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seems like hippie naturalists. The news that The Situation is off to rehab proves many things. That once a mess, always a mess and drugs are just a symptom. Who knows maybe when he clunked his head in Florence, that knocked the closet drug addict out of him. Closet something for sure.

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