Kate Moss-ish

Apr 30, 2011Breaking Newzzz

Hey, I love her too. But this looks like an illustration...not a photo.

Mario Testino captured the essence of Kate Moss in this cover of Vogue Brazil, where they are not afraid to be risque. Unlike here, with the horrendous image of Reese Witherspoon and her pursed lips on the current cover of American Vogue. Anyway, in this age of major airbrushing, I wanted to point out that this image of Kate is so airbrushed that it looks like an illustration, where the artist actually used the airbrushing technique. Look, I am not judging anyone here, if I were to be on the cover of anything, the Yaba Daba Doo Gazette, I would want to be sand-blasted to hell. See this image of kate at the amazing Louis Vuitton Fall ’11 fashion show and you tell me if I am out to lunch. And if I am, then buy me a meal!

Now, is this the same person or was there an airbrush somewhere in the mix?

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