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Tom Ford Tux for Spring '14.

Two years ago, the tuxedo started going through a metamorphosis. Solid black was sooo over whereas florals and vibrant colors were becoming the new black in men’s evening wear. Guess who they were inspired by? Moi! For Spring 2014, Tom Ford continues serving up untraditional, elegant formal attire such as this lovely floral printed tux (above). Below is my blog post from August 19, 2011 that references this chic, new look that also, when you scroll down will see that I started this whole trend eons ago…at my Bar Mitzvah. This is simply unfair. Two of the world’s most acclaimed… Read More »


Who is more stunning than Kate Moss? Vogue will hit their September issue out of the park with the cover to end all covers shot by Mario Testino. Do you remember in the documentary, The September Issue, with all the fuss about Sienna Miller being featured on the cover? What was that? He hair was styled like a tomato. And what has she done since then? There is no comparison to when a fashion magazine cover features a supermodel rather than an actress-ish. Excuse me, I saw The Help and Emma Stone is cute, but you can all relax. There’s… Read More »

Will you become a Valli Girl?

Let me be the first, well, perhaps the second person to congratulate Macy’s for doing a fashion-focused series of collaborations to generate heat and foot traffic. The newest collab is with Giambattista Valli for Impulse. All I can say is that creating fashion designer collaborations sure beats the celebrity-turned-designer nonsense from seasons past. Sure, Jessica Simpson is a billion dollar brand, but there will always be exceptions to every rule. With the demise of the Sarah Jessica Parker for Halston hullabaloo, maybe the fashion industry can rejoice and enjoy fashion designers again. And while I am at it, perhaps with… Read More »

Mario Testino captured the essence of Kate Moss in this cover of Vogue Brazil, where they are not afraid to be risque. Unlike here, with the horrendous image of Reese Witherspoon and her pursed lips on the current cover of American Vogue. Anyway, in this age of major airbrushing, I wanted to point out that this image of Kate is so airbrushed that it looks like an illustration, where the artist actually used the airbrushing technique. Look, I am not judging anyone here, if I were to be on the cover of anything, the Yaba Daba Doo Gazette, I would… Read More »

httpv:// No words. Sobbing. Close to the same impact as the Alexander McQueen “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They” collection.… Read More »

My assistant Ryan went to see Diana Ross at Radio City Music Hal and loved it….as did all the reviews. – NY POST Fierce and stunning…period. – NY MAGAZINE Courtney Love is not a cougar lesbian, but a junkyard cat in regards to Kate Moss. –  D LISTED… Read More »

You probably think that I am going to do into a tirade about yet another celebrity-turned fashion designer, namely Kate Moss, which was just reported in Women’s Wear Daily. This is the next gig for the uber-supermodel. But surprise! Kate Moss is a style icon and she can do whatever she wants, especially design clothes. Or serve as a Design Director. I mean…who doesn’t want to look like Kate? Style and otherwise. Kate Moss is one of the few supermodels that has sustained her career in spite of ugly rumors, ugly truths and ugly boyfriends. But let me get back… Read More »

This is one of those weeks where things land on my lap with no rhyme or reason, and it is all beyond hilarious. My friend, Yu Tsai, an amazing photographer & film maker shot an 18-page spread for Muse, a Milan based Fashionart magazine. The beautifully shot and lit spread features Lindsay Lohan, Petey Wright and Sofia Boutella in one sexy photo shoot inspired by Kate Moss and Johnny Depp circa early 1990’s. It’s a amazing art piece. Over the next few days, you will see more images revealed to the press, and then finally a beautiful two-minute video from… Read More »

So I just read about the looming scandal involving Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley and her alleged cocaine use. Apparently there is a video being shopped around my her alleged ex-boyfriend. It’s not like this guy has a Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian-like video with her head bobbing on a you-know-what. Ashely’s head in this video is allegedly bobbing on a red straw snorting an alleged line of blow or shall I say alleged white powder. Am I missing something here? This is a scandal? In whose eyes? Word is that this anonymous seller is shopping the video for a reported… Read More »