Madonna To Star In Sunset Boulevard

Apr 30, 2011People We Lerve


Madonna is rumored to be in talks to play Norma Desmond in the film version of the Broadway musical Sunset Boulevard by Andrew Lloyd Weber. That would make me very happy. But a few things would have to happen. Madonna would have to surrender to the director. She would have to allow herself to look and act somewhat demented. Not like a caricature of Norma Desmond, but a real broken, lonely, lost icon. I thought Madonna was fantastic as Eva Peron, and surely, if all the stars align for Sunset Boulevard, this will be the seminal moment of Madonna’s career. And she better do it to the hilt. If she tries to maintain control of how she looks and acts all Madonna-y rather than let go and fully embrace the crazy loon that is Norma Desmond, then the movie will not work. Meryl Streep has been mentioned in the past for the role but, eh, whatever. Madonna would bring in the younger audiences in droves and give the project relevance. So Madge, hear my plea. Go for it and get the ultimate respect you have been craving as an actor for what could be the role of a lifetime.


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  1. elaine says:

    agreed! she is not the frikkin bomb but the bomb SQUAD! do it ciccone!

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