Kernels of Dish (Thursday)

Apr 8, 2010Breaking Newzzz

The only thing sadder than Shania Twain’s new reality show is the fact that my assistant Ryan is going to spend the summer watching it. -PEOPLE

Lindsay Lohan’s fall collection for 6126 is here…fotz. Major, major fotz. -INSTYLE

Terry Richardson wants to shoot your penii. -THE CUT

You ain’t seen nothing yet, in terms of Kate Gosselin and reality television. She’ll be dancing into your living room on yet, another show about her and her shoes…or something.  -USA TODAY

Cissy Houston says her daughter Whitney Houston is fine, now buzz off. -DIGITAL SPY

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One response to “Kernels of Dish (Thursday)”

  1. B. says:

    Lohan is free of any talent and she's trashy. So who buys her shit? ok, there are many people out there with love for the ugly, so that's probably the reason why she always gets new 'jobs'

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