Kernels of Dish (Friday)

Apr 9, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Jersey Shore Season 2 is filming at the Jersey Shore after all. Yeah, they started in Miami. But any money bet this thing is scripted now, and Snooki says, while fist bumping, “Fuck Miami, let’s go back to the Jersey shore where they get us.” - MTV

Stop what you are doing and watch this…period. -YOU TUBE

Frankly, I like these two. Seems like I am alone. Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton were partying hearty at the Nylon magazine’s 11 anniversary party other night. - NY DAILY NEWS

Do you recognize this Gross Baboon, or skank…which ever you prefer? She must have hired Gloria Allred‘s publicist. Read all about her Gross Baboonyness in the NY Daily News…who should be ashamed of themselves for giving this cow (and I say cow because look at her belly), Joslyn James, so much ink. - JOANNA MALLOY

Though Fabsugar thinks Whitney Port is the style maven of the century, clearly they missed this mauve potato sack. Mauve? Fotz. - FABSUGAR

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