Mercury Is In Retrograde…HELP

Apr 7, 2011Breaking Newzzz

This blond girl freaking out is me, without the blond hair. Or hair for that matter since I have ripped whatever was left out of my head.

Not that I am superstitious, and surely not because I am an astrologer, but clearly, I am being effected by Mercury being in retrograde, which sadly continues approximately three weeks. The day it started I Mean What went funky and now that we are in it my business website ABE NYC is acting up as well. Needless to say it gets worse because Verizon has to send a technician over to my place because my DSL line is shot. This is spooky. Somewhere over the rainbow there’s an evil gnome who is playing with my head by screwing up the machinations of the internet and DSL and whatever else is going wrong on Earth.  So until I get through this, coverage will be spotty and I hope its less painful for you than it is for me.

Have a great day…ish.

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