The Galliano Verdict

Sep 8, 2011Breaking Newzzz

This is surely a conundrum.

Months after the horrendous mistake of John Galliano‘s life, comes the verdict. The French court found him guilty of “public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity” stemming from two separate incidents at a bar in Le Marais, his neighborhood in Paris. He is ordered to pay court fees, no jail time and a few other little remarks here and there, which puts an end this disastrous chapter of Galliano’s life. I, for one, am glad this is over. You can see my comments and sentiments below, but what impresses me here is how French court really does not tolerate this kind of behavior.

Frankly, I wish I had a $1.40—the amount awarded to each victim in this case—for each anti-Semitic and gay-bashing slur that I have been the recipient of here in our lovely United States. Free speech is a luxury that not everyone respects, so it seems. I have been called Jew, Fag, Jew Fag, Fag Jew enough times to start a bank account. And imagine the amount of dollars that would be exchanged when you consider the excessive use of the N-word. The lesson in this case it to treat others with dignity. We all deserve that. And when Governor Rick Perry called Barack Obama a LIAR at the Republican debate, he showed the world that he is a scary disrespectful, potential racist. Words matter. We have entered a time in our society where mutual respect has evaporated to name calling. And I would love for the Paris court to come here and teach us all a lesson. Starting with our politicians, then working their way around to everyone else.

The Galliano Conundrum

When the Galliano Debacle first happened, I was quick NOT to judge the man while he was drowning in his addictions and subsequent sorrows. After all, the teachings of Jesus Christ or is it Bill W. from Alcoholics Anonymous say that “forgiveness is the key“. It is THE primary rule to live by. One can easily forgive an addict for their shortcomings and wrongdoings because they do not know what the hell they are saying anyway. In yesterday’s court proceedings, John Galliano, not wearing a blouse yet otherwise accessorized, admitted that he was taking sleeping pills during the day coupled with booze. Now, has anyone of you taken an Ambien at night? Have you found crumbs in your bed the next morning or emails from old employers asking if you are OK; then you scroll down and see the gibberish you sent? Imagine, that is from taking them as prescribed. Of course I forgive John Galliano for saying stupid shit, he was under the influence of a drug that should have been taken off the market after the news that the Kennedy kid almost drove into the Capitol Building. Why would the FDA keep that dangerous substance on the market, whereas the Quaalude, the delicious euphoria inducer, that innocently made you have sex with the first person who entered the room, or a tree, was banned for good. I don’t get it. Our medications should live up to that adage, “Make love, not war”.

Is there a spark of anti-Semitism in John Galliano’s heart? Maybe. Probably. And while you are at it, take a good hard look at yourself and see what lies down deep under the core of your best intentions. Surely, as a human, you have some deep hidden feelings against another kind of person. Not even really fat people? If the answer is still no, then leave this site because I write for people that are honest. Brutally Honest Abe here. After World War II, Yale University conducted a controversial study called the Milgram Experiment that revealed people’s willingness to torture others. Though this experiment is not an example of anti-Semitism or racism, it does however, reveal that most people have an innate ability to do the unspeakable. And for this fact of life, I can safely say that what John Galliano needs to do is put on a shirt, continue with extensive rehab and recovery and then get back to being a productive member of society. Anything else, specifically, jail time, should not be tolerated. If I got thrown into jail for everything I ever said derogatorily about groups of people, including Jews (I’m Jewish, there’s an unwritten rule that says we can say whatever we want about other Jews) then I would be a lifer at Riker’s by now.

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