The Larry King Love Triangle (Brech)

Apr 17, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Larry and Shawn in happier times...when he was still awake.

Here’s a love triangle that’s enough to make anyone brech, a.k.a. vomit in Yiddish. The news that Larry King was having an affair with his wife’s younger sister, Shannon Engemann, is not only too much information (TMI), but it is the kind of  information that boggles the mind. Once I read the allegation from Shawn Southwick (King’s wife of 13 years) my imagination ran wild as to how that dalliance came to fruition in the first place. If all this is true, here’s what we need to know:

  1. Did Shannon come on to him? Brech.
  2. Did Larry come onto Shannon? Brech.
  3. Did it start with mutual innocent flirting? Brech.

Do these women have eyes? Sure Larry King is an institution, but you don’t sleep with one you get sent to one, i.e., mental institution, applicable here. The money card is clear and present in this situation, which is so obvious and laughable. I called a friend of mine who writes for one of the major gossip pages who confirmed first hand that Larry King had come onto her, and yes, it made her brech. I guess we have to send Larry King to Horndogs Anonymous meetings, where he, Jesse James and Tiger Woods can compare notes, rather texts, to prove their virility. Wait…virility…Larry King…isn’t that an oxymoron. The other night Larry had Snoop Dog a his guest on the show where the two went cruising in Snoop’s souped-up, yellow hot rod. The visual of Larry trying to be cool was heartbreaking at best. At least now we know that Larry King does not need any help pimping his ride.

Perhaps all this went awry after Shawn Southwick‘s big, planned Vegas comeback got kaboshed due to the death of Danny Gans. That had to have been a major bummer for all involved, but mostly for Shawn, who was hoping for a 5 year booking so she would not have to bed down with Larry King. Brech. As for the sister? Well, there’s no telling what was up her skirt besides Larry. And to that I say feh and brech.

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