Tiger Woods’ Wood

Jun 16, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Introducing, Devon James...mother of the year...who claims that her little boy is the by-product of Tiger Woods' wood.

There is a new report that Tiger Woods fathered a child with a porn star names Devon James. Seriously who can even listen to this nonsense? Can we just put all these woman who have–and continue to–step forward claiming to wanking and spanking the wood of Mr. Woods? Even if it is true…which by the way, the mother of this new skank accuser went on record to say that there is no truth to the story…who cares? If her own mother thinks she is a pathological liar, why are we even having this conversation? The riveting news came from Ms. James as she was dishing about her little secret on the set of her forthcoming porn movie in Los Angeles. The other tidbit of dish from that classy locale was that the pregnancy was the by-products of a ménage à trois, where each porn dog received $2,000 bucks.

Awwww...cute kid...classy mother.

So we can safely say that this boy was Tiger’s gift with purchase.

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