Traffic Problems In Fart Lee (Nee Fort)

Mar 31, 2014Breaking Newzzz
If the bridge fits...

If the bridge fits…

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” reminds me of the “shot heard round the world”.

The “shot” changed the course of history as it launched the American Revolution, and in the case of #Bridgegate, the “time for traffic” thing has changed the game of Chris Christie’s career, killing off his chances of ever becoming President of the United States. Although at his “combative” press conference on Friday, he managed to squeeze out of his ass that he didn’t think the George Washington Bridge fiasco would weigh heavily on how voters consider “my candidacy, if there even is one.” Operative word “if”. My prediction…there will be no such thing.

Bridgegate should become a board game like Risk or Candyland (more appropriately in the case of Christie), only in this situation Bridgegate is more of a bored game. While the world sits by and lets Chris Christie manipulate the media by hiring his own attorneys to clear his name, my mind is boggled by the sheer stupidity of those idiots–a.k.a. Republicans desperate for a viable presidential candidate–who cow tow to this bully freeing himself from any wrongdoing. While watching outtakes of the press conference where Christie bellows his innocence and pretends to be the victim of a manipulative, wronged, marked woman, Bridget Kelly, I could see in his eyes that he was lying. You know how you know when someone is lying and they do that look-away thing? Well, he did plenty of that and simultaneously puffed up his chest, just short of pushing the reporters out of the room in all his blow-hardiness saying, “I do have something unique and particular to offer.” You’re not kidding. And I won’t have what she’s having.

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