Glad I’m GLAAD (Yes,That’s Cher)

Friggen Cher.

Just was in Los Angeles and went to the GLAAD Awards on Saturday night. What a gay ol’ time slash hooplah that was. You know how I hate using exclamation marks but I have one word for you…. CHER! Chaz Bono was one of the GLAAD Awards recipients this year for his courageous step into the limelight having transitioned into manhood. His lovely stepmother Mary Bono, clad in a stunning white dress, gave a great speech to introduce Chaz for the award. It was great to see a Republican being so loving and accepting. How she has a stepson like Chaz and breaks bread with half of her Republican constituents is beyond me, but for now, let’s focus on the positive…. CHER! Out of the blue, Cher pops out on stage, and apparently was not expected. Cher actually admitted that she was not feeling up to it. But that would have been… yikes… had she not shown up to support Chaz. Forget all that. But it wasn’t just Cher who appeared on stage like a vision from  the gay Gods, but Cher in a Diana Ross wig. I couldn’t breathe. Nor could anyone else.

Benicio Del Toro was there to support Josh Hutcherson, another award recipient.

Other highlights were Benicio Del Toro, who I have not seen since Cuba, long, great story. Also, what’s a gay hooplah with out a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills in tow? Lisa Van Der Pump was in full nipple-bearing gear and Kyle Richards, well, she was being Kyle. Gotta give a shout out to the ever-relevant Betty White. After all, it was I Mean What who started the Facebook page to have her host the Emmy Awards. At the time there was an initiative for Betty to host the Oscars, but that made no sense. Come on, The Proposal? Fotz.

Who doesn't love Betty White. She is the most famous person in America.

The work GLAAD does is very compelling especially when it is presented in a room of 1200 gays and lesbians. My note is to that they can take their message even further. The way they impact families dealing with the most personal issues in addition to improving messaging through the media is critical to the evolution of our culture. And when you see the great work they do in these moving videos coupled with the great ensemble of talent including Ellen DeGeneres that come out to support the charity, well, it really makes you proud to be gay. Please make a donation today.

The ladies who lunch were at the dinner.

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