Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Are Gross Baboons

Maybe Bristol and Levi can get John McCain to officiate their marriage ceremony in a vain attempt to get votes in the November election.

Surely you are anticipating the I Mean…What?!? Gross Baboon of the Year Award, which will be granted later this year. Yes, move over Razzies, because the Gross Baboons are coming. For you newcomers, the GBOTY Award honors those annoying people that have graced monopolized the media to the point that it makes me say, “I don’t need to see that”. Nominees to date include: Mel Gibson, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods, Jon Gosselin, Joselyn James…get the picture? Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are the latest nominees and their new-found togetherness has even created a new category, A Couple of Gross Baboons. The awards show is gearing up to be quite a fete…even if it is in my own mind.

Now this is the episode I want to watch.

Word is that the soon-to-be newlyweds…though I would imagine that ceremony will only happen if they get a reality show…are demanding a full season from networks for their wanna-be television show. These kids, annoying as they are, seem to be better negotiators than friggen Lisa Kudrow, who couldn’t get a fair shake from HBO on her terrific show, The Comeback. Can you imagine a series based on two teenage delinquents whose mother’s are feuding, one of which is trying desperately to run for President of the United States while the other one is cooking up crystal-meth in her trailer? First of all, where do these kids live right now? Together? Separately? And who is with Tripp while Bristol is being the neglectful mother, off negotiating in Hollywood with cable networks and / or partying at 1 OAK in New York City? Now, if we can get an all-access pass to the aforementioned activities, then by all means, I would even produce this crap for IMW-TV. But if they think that we want to watch those two idiots act like phony, happy newlyweds, legitimizing their baby’s existence…well…think again. TLC…listen up.

Kathy Griffin is sure to turn up on an episode to co-promote My Life On The D List.

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