Last Five Minutes of Fame

As we close out the year and begin anew, let’s see who has what it takes to keep their puss in the light of media glare and what nudniks gets cast aside like a pair of old shoes. It’s a tough business, this business of show, and you have to be cunning, baffling and powerful…oh, that’s alcohol, but still applicable here. Who doesn’t benefit from a booze addled night coupled with a few Hooter-types? Can you say Tiger Woods thirteen times fast? Anyhoo, here to kick-off 2010, is the first installment of Last Five Minutes of Fame.

Remember Heidi Fleiss? Her lips do. She is doing an installment of Big Brother in England, because her 15 minutes ended in the U.S. eons ago. And that jacket is like bad knock-off of Claude Montana.

Ashley Sampson, posing for Animal Crackers. Here is my prediction for 2010. One minute. It's done. Whistle blowers are just a big fotz.

So Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff shows up for an ice cream cone and...?!? The whole Hasselhoff clan is so 2009.

I don't know about you, but unless you are DJ Mark or Samantha Ronson, or DJ Pauly D from MTV's Jersey Shore, who cares who and where you are spinning.

Lady Sovereign will be Heidi Fleiss' room mate on Big Brother. Clearly, that is one step away from total obscurity...correct?

Cute, schmute. Sorry Paul Vandervort, but if your are one of Janice Dickinson's discoveries, this is it. Enjoy it.

We can say that Mark McGrath might have been best served not leaving music to be host on Extra or was it Access Hollywood...same thing. Last seen singing for his supper in L.A.

I can dream can't I? Though we are about to be accosted by another season of Real Housewives of New York City, Kelly is going nowhere...I mean besides fast...I mean from view.

So, I gues the official Real Housewife New Year's Crown must be worn at New Year's events. Here New Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub does her Kelly Bensimon best.


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