Loredana Jolie Wins Gross Baboon Of the Year

Loredana Jolie wins Gross Baboon of the Year

For weeks, I have been begging the media to let dead Tigers lay…as in the case of Tiger Woods and his many whores. But as time marches on, we are still accosted by claims from these cheap hussies, case in point and the winner of Gross Baboon of the Year, Loredana Jolie…no relation to Angelina…who must be plotzing as far as possible Google affiliations go. Seriously though, I am so not interested in Tiger Wood’s penis and now I need to know even more about it? And this hooker Loredana needs to try her hand at writing a book?!? What a self-serving skank. The Tiger Woods debacle has bored me to no end…hello…golf…and his sexual escapades are even less interesting. And I don’t care if he grazed a male organ (not his) in one of his many three ways. We have two wars happening and Muslim evildoers lurking in every corner. And this is the fascination of our public? Lolly gagging through Loredana’s riveting tell all, where she explains her reasons for becoming a lip-plumping, hair-bleaching, bikini-waxing cheese ball? Now there’s a good use of precious time. This book will do nothing but harm this long, boring story because it will continue this long, boring story.

And (B) I need to see Tigers’ come hither photo from Vanity Fair like I am going to the moon.


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  2. Evan says:

    Loredana Jolie is the biggest negative media whore. She thinks she's famous for being in vanity fair, what a joke they do not want you for you beauty but for the fact that you are a known prostitute who can't keep her lies/stories straight.

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  5. […] The follow up to that story is the upcoming expose featuring my favorite Gross Baboon of the Year, Loredana Jolie. This is something I would expect from the National Enquirer not VF. Oh right, the tables have […]

  6. […] another racy photo spread, just like the one featuring Joselyn James and Loredana Jolie, winners of The I Mean…What?!? Gross Baboon of the Year Award. The answer is nothing. And what is the difference between the Vanity Fair-like skanky photo spread […]

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