Tila (Needs A Shot of) Tequila

Tila has found her way back into the spotlight...as we watch the minutes tick.

I have been posting the Last Five Minutes of Fame for several months and Tila Tequila never made it because prior to my starting I Mean…What?!? in February ’09, Tila’s 15 minutes had pretty much been up. Well, the saddest reason has brought Tila back into the limelight and someone needs to keep her down. Lord knows this is her potential comeback. Maybe she and Loredana can collaborate on a book or better yet, a trashy reality show with hookers and bisexuals and needy bitches. What could we call it…hmmmmm…The Real Low Lives of Las Vegas. Oh Bravo…where are you?

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  1. […] provided her ex-lover Joey Buttafuoco with a career as a major sleaze bag. And finally, the lovely Tila Tequila, who endless affairs with anyone that would breathe, keeps her going and going and going…like […]

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