Mel Gibson: Gross Baboon Of The Year

Nominee, Gross Baboon of the Year Award

Hi there. Big holiday weekend. Am already away and wondered what to write about today, sitting idly by a pool. There’s not that much happening in the news, beyond the controversy between Mel Gibson and his Russian gold digger, Oksana Grigieva. Who knows, maybe she is a Russian spy, too. We all know what a sick f#&k Mel is, now we can officially add him to the list of nominees for Gross Baboon of the Year Award. This is shaping up to be quite a year. The first annual awards presentation with be held at the end of the year. There, a bit of news. Have a great holiday.

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One Response to “Mel Gibson: Gross Baboon Of The Year”

  1. Tina says:

    I am so embarrassed that this moron is Australian. He made one good movie in his career (the sweet 'Tim') but that's about it.

    Hopefully, this is the end of his career.

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