The Making of a Gross Baboon

Joselyn James has now, officially, bounced Lordana Jolie out of the top spot for Gross Baboon of the Year.

Do you ever stop to wonder how on Earth all these tacky, low-rent people have managed to claw their way into the media and take up so much of our time these days? Look no further than your mirror. What you will see there is one of the reasons that Gross Baboons have even entered the zeitgeist. It is because of you and me (or is it I) that there is even a need for the Annual Gross Baboon of the Year Award (to be held during the next awards season). We have glorified the lowest common denominator of humans. We forever photograph them and give them high-profile jobs after they have destroyed an upstanding, albeit slime-bag, of a person, cases in point: Tiger Woods and Elliot Spitzer.

We are all guilty of contributing to the demise of our newly globalized society. We revel in the salacious gossip, we even pay good money to promote these Gross Baboons, cases in point: Levi Johnston and Jon Gosselin. I am dumb struck from the attention and publicity that we fawn all over the likes of hookers without a heart of gold, cases in point: Joslyn James and Ashley Dupre. Speaking of which, Miss James’ new film project, The Eleventh Hole, is sure to create a stir among the glitterati of skankiness, as it will reveal even more uninterested details of the trysts between James and Woods. Sure to be an awards season favorite, The Eleventh Hole will clearly be nominated as Best Film Featuring A Gross Baboon.

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