The Nobody News

Boy, it has been way too long since I did an entry of The Nobody News. Summer is usually the best time for TNN because virtually every nobody thinks they are somebody and virtually every nobody is wrong about that. We are all entitled to a good time for sure, just let’s relax about who gets included in Wire Image and Patrick McMullan. At least in The Evening Hours by Bill Cunningham in The New York Times Style section they feature people that are doing some good by attending fundraisers. So…nobodies with money. Ouch. This edition of The Nobody News centers on Amanda Luisi’s birthday, a.k.a. The Party of the Week…that which we were not invited to.

SIDEBAR: What are the two saddest words in the English language? What party.

Pardon me for being Neanderthal, but I do not know who Amanda Ruisi...whose birthday it

However, clearly the somebodies of the Jersey Shore know her well enough to glom onto the prepared photo-op. JWoww was in attendance sporting one of her couture pieces.

Move over John Galliano...or Frederick's of Hollywood.

Here we have another major somebody. Now, is it me...or did DJ Pauly go to the same eyebrow waxer as JWoww?

The same goes for Vinnie? Was it eyebrow waxing or threading? I need to know.

Oy, Snooki, Snooki. What color are you?

DJ Equal spun at this fest, but I much prefer DJ Splenda.

Cat Deluna was the big get at Amanda's party. Look, what do I know?

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