The Real Housewives Of New York City: Postmortem

Jill Zarin not getting comped? Oy.

Did you even wonder what happens to a Real Housewife once she is put out to pasture? Cancelled. Not asked back. Told they are no longer “IT” women. Since they were never “IT” girls, why should they have ever really been “IT” women in the first place? But seriously, where do they go? How do they refer to themselves postmortem? “I WAS real but no longer am?” When the glare of Andy Cohen‘s pearly whites dims and the real housewife is left to her own devices, standing on the edge of a red carpet event, what happens? How do they handle hearing the collective groan from the press when they see her trying to muscle her way in front of the step and repeat in a tattered dress? Oh, the pain of it all.

Today I noticed three press items about these cows that get put out to pasture, for lack of a better term:

1) Page Six: Jill Zarin is still seeking star treatment after leaving “Real Housewives.” Her aides asked restaurants to host her recent birthday dinner for free, requesting a “comp dinner for eight” in return for “press and tweets” about her visit. But there were no takers. Zarin dined Nov. 30 at Lavo with 11 friends, and hubby Bobby paid. Zarin’s assistant, Sarah Vitale, also asked p.r. firms for gifts. But Vitale told us Zarin had no idea: “They sent her stuff in the past, so I didn’t think it was a big deal.” Vitale added that she “reached out to restaurants who have offered to host dinners for Jill in the past . . . we went with Lavo because she’d never been there before.”

2) Wireimage: Alex McCord was photographed at Krapp’s Last Tape, a play out in Brooklyn at BAM, which is cultured for sure, but the title alone speaks volumes.

The pasture was BAM. She could do worse.

3) New York Daily News: Sonya Morgan is adding a new title to her resumé: caterer. A source close to The Real Housewives of New York City star tells us Morgan has come up with a name for her catering company that has been in the works for some time: “Sonja in the City.” We hear that Morgan, who discussed her work for a toaster-oven cookbook on the last season of the Bravo show, already has some gigs lined up in New York City.

In Sonya’s case she went back to what she was before, a housewife. A real real one.

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