Should Chick-Fil-A Cater Your Next Gay Wedding

Jun 22, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Ellen and Portia set bar for the ultimate gay wedding.

Do you promise to have the most excellent adventure? Well, isn’t that how Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure would end if it was made now with the passing of the Marriage Act? So much is about to change in our culture to accommodate the legalization of gays getting married. Forget about the acceptance of families and all that lovey-dovey emotional stuff. I am talking about how television and movies are about to get a rash of stories and reality shows that will cater to this new breed of social animal. Let’s start with Gay Bridezilla, Logo TV’s newest reality show that went into production on Friday night. Those of you walking in the Gay Pride Parade will notice a slew of film crews shooting footage and B-roll that will be folded into the future episodes of Gay Bridezilla that features four couples getting married on the first day that it is officially official. Imagine the craziness and neurotic details that have to be dealt with leading up to the finale, which are the weddings, complete with the solemn, sob-filled vows on the steps of a church, a temple, City Hall and Leonard’s of Great Neck.

Other shows…Andy Cohen listen up…will surely be:

  • Gay Divorce Court
  • The Gay Bachelor
  • The Gay Bachelorette
  • How I Met Your Other Mother (starring Neil Patrick Harris)
  • Good Morning Girl
  • Gossip Boy
  • Law & Order, Chelsea Sex Crimes Unit
  • The Gay House-Partners of New York, West Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale


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