Rick Perry’s Scary Anti-Gay Zealot Video

Dec 7, 2011Gross Baboons

Rick Perry enjoying a moment.

Not that being a dumb ass won’t keep Rick Perry from getting into the White House, but this lovely advertisement that he has running in Iowa to appeal to the craziest people on Earth will surely alienate him once and for all. Operative word… ALIEN. To quote Carrie Fisher from Postcards From The Edge ,”These are the options?” Only I am referring to the Republican homophobes. We have Rick Perry desperately attempting to woo the most conservative wing of the Tea / Republican Party coupled with Michelle and Marcus Bachmann who want to straighten out all the gays (once and for all), not to mentioned Rick Santorum, who we won’t bother mentioning since no one else does either. The point is my fine, gay feathered friends, watch this video and share it on Twitter, Facebook, friggen homing pigeon, whatever, because this man must be stopped in his tracks.


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One Response to “Rick Perry’s Scary Anti-Gay Zealot Video”

  1. Sb2340 says:

    He's saying what a lot of people are thinking and afraid to say. Yes, we live in a country where it is ok to say you are gay (noting wrong with that) but people are afraid to say they are christians or have any kind of moral standard. If this keeps going on, you'll just the typical 'decline of the western civilization' modus operendi with china or india taking the lead. Be prepared ameria – you're falling behind and probably can't make it up. we got too soft for our own sake.

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