Lost Art: Clothes That Make Me Want To Not Be Me

May 8, 2011People We Lerve

Lenny Kravitz is perfect for Lost Art.

We must accept our lot in life. We are born with certain attributes and deficits. Mine is not having those last three inches of height (not the other thing) and way too broad a frame. It is these physical characteristics that make it so I could never wear Lost Art clothing. When I was a hippie and got really skinny there for a few years, I could have. But that was four hundred years ago. While dining al fresco at La Grainne in West Chelsea yesterday, I spotted a lovely looking couple who are effortlessly hip, like from a time gone by, namely Woodstock.

Kate Hudson is too.

He was wearing these fantastic pants with leather stitching up the side seams, perfectly worn in. He also had the perfect body type for them. I couldn’t resist and asked where he got them from and sure enough, they handed me their card and this is what they do. Lost Art makes beautiful, sophisticated hippie/rocker pieces of clothing and accessories that are extremely editorial.

And Steven Tyler, natch.

I suggest a visit to their website, surely you will recognize their work in a nanosecond. Artists, Jordan Betten and Sun, his lovely associate or girlfriend (far be it from me to be a yenta and ask what the deal is) who was wearing paint-stained turquoise pants, are the sweetest people and I wanted to share their work with you.

And Britney Spears in her last life.

Anyhoo, take a look at these three comparative images of Lost Art signature pieces and the Fall 2011 collection by Roberto Cavalli. What do you think? Flattery or knock off? Compliment or copy? Or just inspired by what they saw on Lost Art website? Please chime in.


I just spoke to Jordan who said, “I take it as a huge compliment that such an industry leader as Mr. Cavalli would be so inspired by Lost Art’s style.  It would be my pleasure to have the opportunity to meet Mr. Cavalli and create a mutually beneficial relationship.  I have many more ideas to offer him than just the images from my website.” Snap.


Look, I am sure Jordan knows that he did not invent the fringe, but it is awfully similar and it is a tiny fashion universe. Anyway you slice it, Lost Art are the artisans that create the look and should be heralded for their craft. As for Cavalli, well, OK, he is groovy too, besides his tan-ness, but no way near as Jordan and Sun.

Or good old-fashioned garmento center rip-off.

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