Is Missoni On Target?!?

Missoni was actually on my Not Best Dressed List this week, making it viable for Target shoppers.

Frankly, I am not a fan of these capsule collections at Target, Kohl’s, K-Mart and BlaBla’s. Who cares if some blubbery couch potato gets access to a Missoni sweater? Do we need to see more overweight people trying to look fierce? Oh, come now. Have you been to a Target lately? Just because their advertising and marketing is slick, that does not automatically translate to the clientele that moseys around the store. On the contrary. Yes, Target does do great events, like that amazing fashion show held at The Standard New York. And they get fabulous press, to the point where a devout downtown-er (like me) is willing to schlep up to East Harlem to buy the Ruben and Isabel Toledo towel. But it all stops there. Of course I understand that fashion should not be only limited to the very rich, but the Target thing is actually better in theory. I do like the H & M program with top designers doing limited collections, like Viktor & Rolf, Karl Lagerfeld and Albert Elbaz for Lanvin. Now that was great. Then again, H & M is the preeminent fast fashion retailer and has set the benchmark for affordable clothes, how to sell it and they do it well. Target, on the other hand, like most things here in the US, tends to doing things almost right. Like when you get into the store, the merchandise does not look anything near the advertising pages. That Liberty of London thing was sad. Then again, must everyone strive towards being on trend? The question is: Do K-Mart , Sears and Target shoppers need to look fashionable? For what, to buy paper towels, face wash, maybe a candle and bulk cleaning supplies?

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7 Responses to “Is Missoni On Target?!?”

  1. Ingrid says:

    you sound like an ass. it's cheesy but i think isaac mizrahi (for target) is right – design should be affordable. and as the middle of the market drops out these lux houses have few opportunities to reach the population that reads about them in magazines and keeps their popularity and intrigue. i agree w/ you that some missoni designs are misguided – but they're more about textiles and pattern, which should translate nicely across price brackets. this post reminds me what ugliness can hide behind beautiful taste.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Issac was not a capsule collection, his presence helped give Target the gravitas and credibility it needed to start these capsule collections, In case you don't know, he moved on, like 3 years ago. These design collabs are pure exploitation, a by product of globalization, which is the worst aspect of how we have evolved as a society. Everyone is chasing the designer dragon. So, if Target shoppers deserve designer goods, which is kind of what you are implying, then goodie gum drops for you. Enjoy. You happy now? I, who consider myself someone with good taste, appreciate white towels, which I have purchased at Target. But then again, you think I am an ass, so what do I know?

  2. Christina says:

    What an elitist snobby attitude to have. Overweight people trying to look fierce? What about those of us who live in a metro area, pay ridiculous prices thanks to the standard cost of living, and can't afford to shell out hunderds and thousands of dollars just to look "fashionable" to snobs like you. I generally do not end up liking the quality of the Target designer collaborations, with a few exceptions. But if the collection turns out to be what I hope, I will happily perch my Target Missoni Sweater next to my real Missoni scarf, thanks. Oh, and I do need meet the description of blubbery. 5'11, size 8, Chicago.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Snob? Eh, maybe, but not really. I like to try my hand at humor whenever I can. As for looking like me, I am a devout jeans and T-shirt guy who tried not to buy into the notion that I wil be happy when I have all designer duds, from Madison Avenue or your local mall.

      • Nichole says:

        Apparently Abe, you're the only one who thinks you're funny. Maybe you should stop trying to be the "Angry Young Man" for a short time and step away from the capsule collections. Truth is, you're not that young anymore and maybe it's time to move on. At our age, it can give you an early heart attack. You imply that shopping at Target for a bit of pretty designer gear makes one a loathesome human being. Why? You have a problem with globalization but can you even define that? You're a writer… a writer about fashion. That's not exactly the opposite of vapid and you're not exactly the most valid of sources about world economics. Anyway, there is greater crime in the world than a plus size girl shopping the odd Jason Wu collection for Target. It seems bizarre to me that you have no issue with H&M having the odd collection while middle America locations can't because *gasp* they purchase in department stores. "Do K-Mart , Sears and Target shoppers need to look fashionable?" The mind boggles. What have you done to validate your fashion card that the rest of us hasn't?

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