Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Not American Idol-ish

Ladies…please. In this corner….

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are not acting like American Idols. Who could care less about some beefed up yabba dabba doo charges of PR anger between these two song birds. Or is one song bird and the other Big Bird. According to The New York Daily News they are acting like American low-rent Hootchie Mammas.

The incredible success of The Voice, a format that engages the judges with the audience, has won the hearts and minds of the Star Search type audiences. As opposed to the ridiculous, frozen, nightmarish format of X Factor, where the interaction is so cookie cutter that you want to kill yourself by the time one of these meh singers goes through to Boot Camp. Britney Spears seems bored half the time. The only thing with a boot about X Factor that I can think of is to boot the whole damn show. It is boring and over produced and Simon Cowell’s cheeks are the only reason to watch the show.

As for the new American Idol judge panel, why they thought Nicki Minaj would add luster is beyond me and quite frankly, if one more singing contest show airs this season, I think we will all scream. Surely not vote.

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