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Just so you all know, I am turning over a new leaf and adding a fundraising component to I Mean What by supporting charities I believe in or the one’s that my friends twist my arm to promote. The Free Arts NYC Annual Art Auction is a little of both. I worked on a project with Free Arts NYC a couple years ago, they are a great group that support arts for kids. (Photo: Inez & Vinoodh at Free Arts NYC Annual Art Auction)… Read More »

What’s great about being in good company is that it supports the notion that you belong or that you have arrived. Not sure about what the hell I am talking about? Just go back to the title of this entry…The Man-Girdle. Last week I did a piece on Mancessories, included in which, was a mention of the man-girdle or as I lovingly called it, Spanx for men. Time Magazine did a whole story on Mancessories and today there is an item in The New York Times Style Section, making it all sorts of old news, if it’s there. “At Saks… Read More »