The Man-Girdle

Jul 16, 2009Fashion
Isn't it amzing that they foound quadruplets fr this photo shot?

The Man-Girdle. Isn't it amazing that they found quadruplets for this photo shoot?

What’s great about being in good company is that it supports the notion that you belong or that you have arrived. Not sure about what the hell I am talking about? Just go back to the title of this entry…The Man-Girdle. Last week I did a piece on Mancessories, included in which, was a mention of the man-girdle or as I lovingly called it, Spanx for men. Time Magazine did a whole story on Mancessories and today there is an item in The New York Times Style Section, making it all sorts of old news, if it’s there. “At Saks Fifth Avenue, the hottest new style is an undershirt from an Australian company called Equmen, which purports to improve posture and reduce back pain.” Now, let me just say that it would take more than a skin tight tank top to replace the need for Percocet, in my world. But the company does reiterate that “it makes a man look slimmer”. So, we can all say, that the Man-girdle conversation definitely includes I Mean…What?!? so we stand in good stead. And what’s more important is that now, the Manzies of the world have their platform in which to act out all their effeminate wishes. I can just see the rush at Saks today, 500 hysterical Manzies pushing and shoving to get up that elevator, included in the group is the Bloomingdale’s buyer to see what the fuss is about and later getting reprimanded by the boss for not stocking the Man-girdle sooner.

Last night I went to a party for Amy Sacco and there were a couple of Manzies in attendance. The friends I was with all turned to me as each walked in acknowledging a “MANZIE ALERT”. So, it’s in the zeitgeist. Now, I am asking all of my lovely readers, to please send me pictures of the Manzies that you come across. Email them to me at I will gladly post the images and officially add this category to I MEAN…WHAT?!?

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