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CNN Certainly Not News

Handsome Anderson Cooper no longer belongs on CNN, the Certainly Not News, or better yet, Crap Not News network. It has become a poor excuse for what a real news station should be.… Read More »

Frank Ocean for real.

Newest “celeb” to march out of the closet is Frank Ocean, an R&B singer, part of the hip hop collective Odd Future and who has also written songs for Justin Bieber, John Legend and Beyoncé. Ocean’s honesty is admirable since he took a risk seeing that the hip hop community continues to struggle with homophobia. Bravo to people like Frank Ocean and Azealia Banks who are proving to those thugs that their backwards antics are so twelve years ago. Needless to say their music is kind of stale, too.… Read More »


The news, rather, the not news that Anderson Cooper is gay has sparked a flurry of comments, articles, reactions, presumptions and blather all of which has me wondering what Gay Bizarro World would be like. This is based on a Seinfeld episode based on a Superman episode where everything becomes the polar, or better yet, bi-polar opposite. For instance, in Gay Bizarro World, Kim Kardashian would announce that she is straight, making front page news in the New York Post and an Op-Ed piece by Thomas Friedman in The New York Times. The nationwide reaction would be shock, awe, dismay… Read More »


I did a piece on Bullying last year, around the time I was on the committee for Stomp Out Bullying. Seems like this conversation will never end so I am hereby reissuing it below. As someone who was bullied, it is my responsibility to continue to speak out against it. In regards to the Tracy Morgan flap, who surely spoke like a douche bag, he also happened to crack a hilarious joke. One of my saving graces during my bullying years was my ability to laugh in the face of danger. Humor is a great weapon against bullies. Bullies are… Read More »

Plans, schmans. I tend to not go out on New Year’s Eve after so many years of going out. Plenty of fun was had over the years, but as rigor-mortis sets in, I have embraced the solitude, perhaps a friend or two and a sister or two to share the tidings has been the deal as of late. This year, I was invited to a small gathering, which was actually a great option. Car service to and fro, being with my good friend in town from Los Angeles, we rarely are in the same timezone on New Year’s. All the… Read More »

Ahh, the head shot. That ticket in. The piece of critical collateral that determines whether you stand a chance to get through step one of “I wanna be famous!” We’ve all…well…many of us…have gone through the process. Really hopeful and exuberant. Filled with pride that our hidden talents shall soon be unleashed for the world to admire. Thanks to that glossy piece of paper, featuring you and all your features. If you have not gone through that sticky process, let me say that between the time you decide you want to get a head shot and having the actual stack… Read More »

Upon reading the dismal report on Anderson Cooper’s ratings woes, I wanted to give CNN a heads up on what they can do to sway the tide. First of all, Anderson Cooper is adorable. And when he is reporting from New Orleans, or Iraq and even the top of the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, that’s when he is most compelling. Also, you can’t compare the bubble that we were in during the most exciting election cycle in U.S. History. Of course his ratings from that period could not be sustained. What makes Anderson interesting besides his crisp, clear blue… Read More »