Frank Ocean: Comes Out

Jul 6, 2012People We Lerve

Frank Ocean for real.

Anderson Cooper is having a positive effect on celebrities come out of the closet, even for those whose celebrity is questionable. Newest “celeb” to march out of the closet is Frank Ocean, an R&B singer, part of the hip hop collective Odd Future and who has also written songs for Justin Bieber, John Legend and Beyoncé. Ocean’s honesty is admirable since he took a risk seeing that the hip hop community continues to struggle with homophobia. Bravo to people like Frank Ocean and Azealia Banks who are proving to those thugs that their backwards antics are so twelve years ago. Needless to say their music is kind of stale, too. Anyway, just wanted to acknowledge and support Frank Ocean and wish him well. Two snaps up.

Meanwhile, check out what I wrote two days ago about Anderson Cooper‘s coming out party. Prolific? Major.

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