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The Oscars should be ashamed of themselves. I mean…by the time they come rolling around, Lady Gaga won’t have a tear left to shed when she wins for Best Song.… Read More »

All I want to know is whether Tom Ford's intern has the dress dry-cleaned, or wet cleaned, since Anne Hathaway attended the premiere.

All I want to know is whether Tom Ford’s intern had the dress dry-cleaned, or wet cleaned, since Anne Hathaway wore it.… Read More »

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I’m reading the mixed reviews of last nights Oscars telecast and wondering how on Earth anyone would have said one good thing about the show. The pairing of young Hollywood’s sweethearts was such a mistake to where it reached epic proportions. I cringed through most of broadcast. Anne Hathaway has no gravitas whatsoever while James Franco was smug to the point of irritating. Sure, when Billy Crystal entered the room the audience stood to an ovation, the message being, “Help, please host this show again.” Anne Hathaway‘s song was ill-conceived, James Franco as Marilyn Monroe was a sad attempt at… Read More »

Today’s Page Six item in the New York Post says that the new Vogue Publisher, Susan Plagmann is cracking down on expenses for the magazine and that, “Senior people have been told they must take more subways to meetings as opposed to Town Cars to save money.” Well, shut my mouth. Frankly, I don’t care what she says, but Anna Wintour (my hero) should be allowed to keep her Town Car to go hither-and-to as far as I am concerned. I am happy to start the Anna Wintour Town Car Fund and hereby make my first donation of $100, to… Read More »