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Not many New Yorkers, or humans, for that matter, will have had the pleasure, or rather, the great fortune of seeing Cate Blanchett in A Streetcar Names Desire. The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) was lucky enough to feature the production, directed by Liv Ullman at the BAM Harvey Theater, the coolest venue. I have long been obsessed with great actresses. It started as a child when I happened to notice Bette Davis’ eyes peering from the television screen in Dark Victory. With the blink of those eyes, my life changed. Bette Davis was my first obsession, followed by food,… Read More »

How many times this week have you heard people (be it in the media or around your office) say, “Farrah Fawcett upstaged Ed McMahon’s death, then Michael Jackson upstaged Farrah’s death”. I mean…what?!? Am I crazy or does this sound preposterous. I get how huge a story the Michael Jackson drug overdose is…and the unexpected demise takes over the media coverage. But to say that one person’s death upstages another is such disrespectful nonsense. And one that annoys the shit out of me. First of all, when people “upstage” it’s most likely intentional. Just ask Hollywood legend, Bette Davis who… Read More »

This Virgin America thing is amazing. I am blogging from outer space? I mean…what? For an email-aholic this is bliss. Anyhoo, off to Los Angeles, where I used to live for many years and happy to be going  back for a week to work and play. It always amazes me when New Yorkers have such strong feelings about how horrible Los Angeles is. “It’s so superficial, it’s so plastic, it’s so hard to get around, I hate driving.” On and on. If you don’t like driving, I can forgive you that, but don’t ever let me catch you behind the… Read More »