What’s With The Expression “Michael Upstaged Farrah’s Death”? I Mean…What?!?

Jun 27, 2009Breaking Newzzz

How many times this week have you heard people (be it in the media or around your office) say, “Farrah Fawcett upstaged Ed McMahon’s death, then Michael Jackson upstaged Farrah’s death”. I mean…what?!? Am I crazy or does this sound preposterous. I get how huge a story the Michael Jackson drug overdose is…and the unexpected demise takes over the media coverage. But to say that one person’s death upstages another is such disrespectful nonsense. And one that annoys the shit out of me. First of all, when people “upstage” it’s most likely intentional. Just ask Hollywood legend, Bette Davis who wrote about actress Miriam Hopkins’ difficult manner during the production of their two films The Old Maid and Old Acquaintance. “Hopkins was a very talented actress, but her insecurity led her to constantly try to upstage her costars and ‘steal’ their scenes.”

Here, Miriam Hopkins is upstaging Bette Davis. See what I mean? Look at Bette's face.

Here, Miriam Hopkins is upstaging Bette Davis. Miriam has the better light and camera positioning. Look at Bette's face.

That, my dears, is upstaging. Dying is not. Further proof.

up·staged, up·stag·ing, up·stag·es
1. To distract attention from (another performer) by moving upstage, thus forcing the other performer to face away from the audience.
2. To treat haughtily.

See? This is an intentional act. So, can we all safely say that Farrah did not distract attention from (Ed McMahon) by moving upstage, thus treating him haughtily. And can we also safely assume…though I hate to assume, because it makes “an ASS out of U and ME”, but, we can assume here that Michael Jackson–in no way, shape or form–wanted to distract attention from (Farrah Fawcett) by moving upstage, thus forcing (Farrah Fawcett) to face away from the grieving and mourning audience, hence treating her haughtily. Get my point? Find another expression for this. Death is a sensitive issue. I cannot believe that is acceptable television speak. It is another example of how de-sensitized our society has become. That respect for the dead seems like too much to ask. That the very act of dying is some kind of intentional manipultion of the media. Honey, the only manipulations going on here are by these ridiculous, should-be-ashamed-of-themselves bloviators and newpaper correspondents in all their lack of consciousness.

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