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Men, we’ve come a long way since Fred Astaire and the Golden Age of Hollywood, when slicked-back hair, a clean-shaven face, spats, a top hat and tails were in vogue. Today that combination sounds more like a costume than a reality. Through the years our wardrobe has become much more casual, hair lengths went from the top of the ear down to the middle of the back, while beards and mustaches adorned our faces in countless variations. Fred was Elegant Chic and now we have Casual Chic, a term that is readily bandied about. This look could even be a… Read More »

Have you been following that lead story in the New York Post about the high-profile divorce of Swedish Countess (?) Marie Douglas-David and George Davis, a Connecticut-based, rich, old coot. He snagged a younger wife and now after seven years, she wants out. Now there’s an original story for you to make the headlines. Meanwhile, she is suing for a ga-jillion dollars since she has proclaimed that her $53,000 WEEKLY expenses are just not enough. I MEAN…WHAT?!? Would someone please shoot these two. Actually, I don’t know who to shoot first, them or the NY Post for giving them this… Read More »