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After watching all the Elizabeth Taylor coverage, I thought about my cute Elizabeth Taylor moment that I was lucky enough to have. It was ten years ago at Carrie Fisher‘s house. Carrie is known in the Hollywood inner circles for having the best dinner parties, and her annual Carrie Fisher & Penny Marshall joint birthday parties were THE party of the year in those days. Having worked for Carrie in the 90’s, I would coordinate them, and unlike any other celebrity party, these were so hush hush, no one besides the top 200 Hollywood A-Listers were ever invited. Invitations would… Read More »

Mayor Levi Johnston. Now that has a nice ring…huh? Fresh off the heels of his super-public split from Bristol Palin, baby-daddy Levi Johnston has announced from the Teen Choice Awards Blue Carpet that he will seek a run for the mayor-ship of Wasilla, Alaska. You know, that fair little town in our 49th state where Sarah Palin professed to see as far as Russia. Good old eagle-eye Sarah. It must be quite mountainous there. What is odd is how quickly Levi was able to announce the new reality series, working title: Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office. From… Read More »