Levi Johnston For Mayor

Looks like Levi has put on a few pounds. Maybe they can also show him getting into shape with his new hussy, Brittani Senser, for the run for Mayor of Wasilla.

Mayor Levi Johnston. Now that has a nice ring…huh? Fresh off the heels of his super-public split from Bristol Palin, baby-daddy Levi Johnston has announced from the Teen Choice Awards Blue Carpet that he will seek a run for the mayor-ship of Wasilla, Alaska. You know, that fair little town in our 49th state where Sarah Palin professed to see as far as Russia. Good old eagle-eye Sarah. It must be quite mountainous there. What is odd is how quickly Levi was able to announce the new reality series, working title: Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office. From what I know, these things take months to pitch and re-pitch and then meeting after meeting with suits. But is was like a minute ago that the proposed nuptials of Levi and Bristol were in play for their own reality show. Is it possible that this mayor thing was in the original idea of the show between Bristol and Levi because let’s face it, who would tune on to see Bristol as a bridezilla, knowing that there would be zero access to Sarah.

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