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Carrie Fisher has had a “big, loud life”. Well, not anymore. Yesterday Carrie achieved her goal of losing 50 pounds, thanks to Jenny Craig. Here she is in all her glory looking like she did twenty years ago, when we first met. As an ex-fatty, I know too well the trials and tribulations of having to lose a third of your body weight. In my junior year of high school I dropped 60 pounds on the Dr. Atkins Diet. So, when Carrie set out to take back her life and her youthful figure, it was a joy to cheer-lead her… Read More »

Chit Chat with Alan Cumming

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  Broadway is about to have a smash hit on their hands. Last night, I was invited to dinner and the show, Baby It’s You, the story of The Shirelles. Naysayers, Lord knows there’s plenty of those in the theater community, will compare this show to Jersey Boys. The fact is, Baby It’s You is the story of an iconic female band from New Jersey, so surely is something there to that comparison. The similarities end there. Baby It’s You is the story of the woman, Florence Greenberg, a yenta from Passaic, and bored with only having a new big avocado… Read More »

After watching all the Elizabeth Taylor coverage, I thought about my cute Elizabeth Taylor moment that I was lucky enough to have. It was ten years ago at Carrie Fisher‘s house. Carrie is known in the Hollywood inner circles for having the best dinner parties, and her annual Carrie Fisher & Penny Marshall joint birthday parties were THE party of the year in those days. Having worked for Carrie in the 90’s, I would coordinate them, and unlike any other celebrity party, these were so hush hush, no one besides the top 200 Hollywood A-Listers were ever invited. Invitations would… Read More »

On the eve of the Oscars (Erev Oscars in Hebrew), I wanted to take this moment to thank my agent, God, my family, Carrie Fisher and since I am single, I won’t be making the unforgivable faux pas of not thanking my significant other. Since everything is all about the Oscars this weekend, I wanted to thank my friend Marc Friedland, an award winning (well, maybe not an Oscar, but an award, nonetheless) graphic designer who was enrolled by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to re-do the famous “The Envelope Please” envelopes. So, here they are. So… Read More »

Carrie Fisher To Win By Losing

Carrie Fisher, who has battle demons far more terrifying than Darth Vader, is about to hack off a  bunch of L-Bs, proving that God loves her. I mean come on. She is brilliant, multi-talented and gets to secure her place in pop culture icon-hood by going to where no man…or woman has gone. Beyond Kirstie Alley. Funny enough, on the day Jenny Craig announced Carrie’s involvement as spokesmodel, Kirstie turned 60 years old. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Carrie has confronted many scenarios that would challenge anyone. She is a fighter and will soon enough be dancing all the way… Read More »

Romancing The Stoned – Wishful Drinking on HBO Tonight

If you did not see Wishful Drinking starring Carrie Fisher when it was on Broadway, or in the many cities around the U.S.A., then do yourself a favor and catch it on HBO tonight at 9PM. It is gene. Watch this interview we did that illustrates just how hilarious she is. it is just a tip of the hilarious iceberg that is Wishful Drinking. httpv:// Directed by David McIntyre for Image Loading –… Read More »

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Carrie. Happy Birthday to you. How old are you now. (ugh) How old are you now. (ugh) You’re now exactly my age. You pooooooor dear. And many more. Carrie Fisher turned Studio 54 on this fine day. She is in Australia doing her one woman show, the Tony snubbed, Wishful Drinking. Sending you all my love and best wishes.… Read More »

Tony Curtis and Eddie Fisher passed last week. Having experienced the passing-on of both my parents, I wanted to take this moment from commenting on Paris Fashion Week and acknowledge Carrie Fisher and Jamie Lee Curtis‘s sad losses. Those two have so much in common: Raised by America’s Sweethearts, 1950’s iconic Hollywood couples Divorce and scandal Both in recovery Have good careers on their own right Whatever the circumstances, no matter how unavailable our fathers were growing up (I have then in common with them, too), we are never prepared for our parents dying. It is not in our DNA.… Read More »

Lindsay Lohan is over Jorge Perez because of the way she is being portrayed on Bravo’s Double Exposure. – HUFFNGTON POST What on Earth is this? – D-LISTED Lady Gaga’s Candies were too tight. – D LISTED Carrie Fisher is filming her one woman show for HBO this weekend. Wishful Drinking on Gay Pride Weekend. Now there’s kismet. – HUFF POST The Gays have role models. – GAWKER… Read More »